Helicopter Red Sphero White Ruled Angled
Ball orange Pencil Ball Light Orange
Screw Metal Gear
Screwdriver Spider iphone
motherboard ruler btn green
ladybug gear yellow
ozobot pen red laser pointer purple axel red
dual gears gray marker blue
coils agray screw small reverse screw small gear yellow reverse

Think & Learn.

A maker, student and educator community. What will you create?

Workbench Featured Projects:

Here on Workbench, maker-educators, students, hobbyists – anyone, really – can discover engaging projects created by Workbench and the Workbench user community. Members of the community can create and post their own projects and share their unique creations and successes.

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Use our platform to build experiences.

Build your own world of exciting, project-based learning experiences. Engage students by taking classroom lessons to the next level. Follow your creation from concept to reality. Take products to places never before imagined. Products, ideas and imagination all meet here.

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Connect brands and users.

There are all kinds of companies out there, like Sphero, SparkFun and Parrot, who believe in the value and unique benefits of project-based learning. They use Workbench to showcase innovative products and grow relationships with people who share their passion for learning.

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Nurture knowledge and community.

This is where educators, learners, doers and tinkerers grow projects and build communities through shared lessons, demos and experiences. Through Workbench, discoveries and breakthroughs happen in the studio, the classroom, the garage, the local park, the lab and wherever excited minds engage.

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